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What Is a Police Verification Form?

A police verification form is an application that you fill out and submit to the authorities to request a police verification process. When your form request is accepted, an extensive background check about you will be done by the police department or a government agency and a police verification certificate will be given.

A police verification certificate is nothing but a formal document used to authorize that a person does not have any criminal records. This certificate will be needed when applying for a passport, visa, or immigration purposes.

What Is the Information Needed for a Police Verification Form?

The police verification form includes a section to collect the personal particulars of the applicant. These details include -

  • Full name of the applicant as in the identity card.
  • Location details - The details of the present address and the home address if you have a different permanent address are needed. The present address is where the officials will visit for background checking.
  • Residence history - Information about all the places you have resided in the past with the time period of residing there is required.
  • Relation details - Name, occupation, work location, the current address of father, mother, spouse, brother, and sister are required.
  • Birth information - Date of birth, current age, and place of birth details are to be included in this section.
  • Education particulars - Details of the date of entering the school/college, date of leaving, final examination passed, name, and the address of the school or the college studied.
  • Details of any criminal cases you were involved in. It can include any case where you were fined, convicted, detained, or prosecuted.
  • Your involvement in politics.
  • Your occupation along with the work location details.
  • Detailed reason for requesting a police certificate.
  • Identification marks particulars like scars, moles, and where it is present.
  • References - Name, address, and signature of two individuals who can give conduct yourself.

Documents Required to Apply for Police Verification Certificate

The following documents are to be attached with the completed police verification form.

  • Photocopy of ration card
  • Photocopy of school leaving certificate
  • Photocopy of passport, if available
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Demanding letter from the institution
  • Demand draft in the name of the police commissioner of Mumbai.

Filling Police Verification Form Instructions

Completing the police verification form online is very straightforward with CocoDoc's online PDF editor. You can easily fill in using the below instructions.

Step 1 - Get the free police verification form PDF from CocoDoc available on this page.

Step 2 - Fill the document online using CocoDoc online editor.

Step 3 - Click on the highlighted text box fields to fill in the fill name.

Fill in the full name in the police verification form

Step 4 - You can use the digital signature feature available in CocoDoc editor to sign the document yourself and get it signed by the reference people online.

Sign the police verification form at the end

Step 5 - Then, you need to send the form across to the concerned official for further processing.

Who Needs to File a Police Verification Form?

A police verification form is used to request a police verification certificate. So anyone who requires this certificate must apply by filling the police verification form. This form will be needed by those who have the country's passport and valid address proof, and are requesting for:

  • Employment visa
  • Long-term visa
  • Immigration procedures
  • Residential status

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